DEVELOPING STORY: Clothesline Project vandalism continues


Augustana Public Safety installs security cameras on the premises near the Clothesline Project in the lower quad. Photo by Lu Gerdemann.

The Dean of Students office issued a new incident report regarding the Clothesline Project vandalism that has been happening on the Augustana Campus. This past Thursday, Oct. 26 a report was issued notifying the campus that two shirts from the Clothesline Project had been burned. In response, the organizers of the shirt display, the Women and Gender Studies department, organized a gathering of solidarity. Today, further vandalism has been reported that occurred between the hours after the solidarity gathering and this morning’s report.

This afternoon, Augustana Public Safety installed security cameras on the premises near the Clothesline Project in efforts to monitor the area.
The college is offering a $1500 reward for further information about the identity of the person/s responsible for the vandalism. If anyone has information regarding this matter, please contact Augustana Public Safety by phone at 309-794-7711.
As of Oct. 31, an email from the Dean of Students office was released regarding the second act of vandalism, stating the second acts of vandalism was done by two students from outside of the Augustana community.
On Oct. 31, there was a closing ceremony held for The Clothesline Project.