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December 9, 2023

Obama's eight years


With the recent president-elect, Donald Trump’s recent win, President Barak Obama’s legacy has been questioned and scrutinized, but not in the best ways.
The majority of people have looked upon Obama’s legacy on the surface, and not questioned deep within. If the population dug deeper through his policies, and not purposely focused on what has not been able to accomplish, it would be evident that he has accomplished quite a lot, despite Republican push back.
Obama’s policies have been a reputation of being sneaky, putting things in a proposed bill in order to get things done. For example, Obama’s, “Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act” was a bill that most people didn’t really understand, but when you look into its inner workings, you will realize that it transformed the three trillion-dollar student loan-debt program which removed a government takeover. This bill then transferred the savings that this bill accrued into an expansion of money for Pell Grants, and unburdened millions of students of their loans.
However, this bill resulted in taxpayers paying more, which is primarily what Donald Trump has rallied against. A detail such as this is what citizens have payed attention to instead of the underlying benefits it provides.
In addition to passing healthcare reform to millions of citizens, Obama has signed a $787-billion-dollar stimulus bill in 2009 in order to trigger economic growth. In 2011, Obama ended the war in Afghanistan, sending thousands of troops back home to their families.
Obama has eliminated terrorist Osama Bin laden, eliminated Moammar Gaddafi’s rein and administration, in order to protect Libyan civilians and rebel troops, and also ended Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak’s damaging rein, strengthening our ties in Egypt.
These accomplishments aren’t even hitting the tip of the iceberg.
President Obama has been advocating for the people, with no ulterior motives since day one. The Obama family has had no scandals, no corruption, which is the exact opposite of President Trump (who is coming into office with a child rape allegation, which everyone seems to ignore).
The Obama administration has been inspiring for our nation, and he has left bills that will continue to provide relief and stimulus for our economy. It will be a sad day on January 20th when President Obama leaves office, for he will be leaving an office where he has thrived, and helped build our nation so dearly.

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Obama's eight years