GSA to reschedule the Solidarity Walk


Natalie Spahn

Around 20 people trudged through the snow on Sunday at Evald Great Hall to attend an unofficial solidarity walk after the official walk was canceled due to the weather conditions.
The Augustana Gender and Sexuality Alliance canceled their Solidarity Walk out of safety concerns for those who planned to attend. A small meeting took place in Evald to discuss topics related to the walk and to reschedule the event. Despite the snowfall, those who showed up took a small walk around the quad and afterwards some personal stories and poems were shared with the group.
In recent weeks, hate crimes have increased across the U.S., said the Augustana GSA President, junior Mercedes VanOpdorp and that some students have shared their fears on campus with her. Her hope for this walk is to give a sense of unity on the campus and make all students feel safe.
VanOpdorp said the Solidarity Walk will hopefully be rescheduled for next weekend, around the same time, and definitely the same place.
“Most if not all of us are feeling pretty threatened right now and scared for what’s to come with recent events.” said vice president and sophomore Conner Maccabee. He hopes the walk raises awareness about the queer community on campus and it helps people understand the community better.
First-year student Caitlyn Lecour attended the meeting to show her support. For Lecour, the walk was about “bringing people together and uniting against hatred, all the horrible hate crimes, and violence that has been happening.”