Masterminds Review

Katherine Hogan

I knew when I went to see Masterminds—staring Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, and Owen Wilson—that it was a comedy and I love comedies.  One would think that since this movie has checked all the major boxes that make movies entertaining (comedy, romance, action) it would be an okay movie.  It. Was. Not.  At the beginning of the movie viewers were told that Masterminds was based off of a –mostly—true story.  While that should have given masterminds a leg up and made me like the outrageous movie more, especially since there were real photos in the credits, I just disliked it more.  How stupid would people have to be to go through a situation even partly similar to the movie Masterminds? What has the human race come to?  These are the questions I asked myself during Masterminds.
The plot was seriously unbelievable.  The fact that it was a “real” story makes me cringe.  An armored car driver David Ghantt (Zach Galifaianakis) is kind of bored with his job and is convinced by one of his wild (and female) ex-coworkers to rob the armored car.  Of course, Ghantt does it because he is super in love with her and even though he is super stupid it totally somehow works.  It also turns out to be the biggest heist in history. Of course he ends up getting caught but not before he saves the girl.
My problem with the movie was that all the characters were stupid.  I honestly do not find stupidity very funny so the majority of this movie was just me trying to find out how anyone else did.  It really had no finesse at all, and the worst part was that some of it was a little gross.  I also kind of felt bad for the main character because being used by your crush to rob a bank is kind of harsh and I don’t find that funny.
In the end, the only thing I found funny about this movie was the ironic title.  ¼ stars for the not so masterful masterminds.