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Villain or victim: Spider-Man questions norm

Payton Willis May 6, 2022

In a typical superhero movie, the hero defeats the villain, who usually plummets to their expected death. It’s the basic plot of every Marvel/DC movie. But in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” Peter Parker...

“In the Heights” reveals colorism in Hollywood

Michelle Pacheco October 11, 2021

In the Heights is a film version of the broadway musical, adapted by Lin-Manuel Miranda. This film was recently shown by Latinx Unidos in the Olin Auditorium to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. In the...

Review: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Abigail Larson March 31, 2021

The original “Justice League” was released in March of 2018, but three years later on March 18, 2021, a new version was released titled “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.” Commonly referred to as...

“Fantasy Island” disappoints despite big names

Abigail Johnson February 27, 2020

When I first saw the trailer for “Fantasy Island,” as I sat in an AMC with my best friend, I remember turning to her and saying, “That looks really cool! We should go see it!” I had heard a bit...

“Parasite” sets precedent for Academy Awards

McKenna Nagle February 20, 2020

Filmmaker Bong Joon-ho made Oscars history on Sunday, Feb. 9. His film, “Parasite,” won four of the major categories: directing, foreign film, original screenplay and best picture. The South Korean...

“Truman” featured at Hispanic Film Festival

McKenna Nagle November 14, 2019

Augustana’s annual series of Hispanic Film Festival showings is currently in progress with a different movie presented each Wednesday night in the Hansen Lecture hall. Introductory Spanish courses traditionally...

‘Instant Family’ warms hearts for the holidays

Katherine Hogan December 6, 2018

The ‘Instant Family’ story is partially based on director Sean Andrew’s experience with his own family and revolves around Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) who are a happily-married couple...

Review of “The Holiday Calendar”

William Sikich November 29, 2018

In the modern age, not all movie releases come to us through the magic of the silver screen.  Netflix, among other streaming platforms, has taken to frequently providing us with a collection of their...

‘Love, Simon’ was the movie queer youth needed

Thea Gonzales March 29, 2018

I'm just like Simon. For the most part, my life is totally normal. In high school, I glared at the 7 a.m. alarm, shuffled to school half asleep and drove through the suburbs with my friends at night, head...

“Insidious: The Last Key”: less than expected

William Sikich January 18, 2018

In terms of horror movies, nothing brings about more immediate disappointment to a viewer than a lame or predictable jump scare. As a result, when a director decides to rely on such scares to keep the...

Disney remakes its classics

October 22, 2016

It’s no secret that old Disney movies are the best Disney movies. This might be the reason Disney has decided to remake so many of its classics. Following the releases of movies such as Maleficent and...

Masterminds Review

Katherine Hogan October 22, 2016

I knew when I went to see Masterminds—staring Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, and Owen Wilson—that it was a comedy and I love comedies.  One would think that since this movie has checked all the...

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