Disney remakes its classics

It’s no secret that old Disney movies are the best Disney movies. This might be the reason Disney has decided to remake so many of its classics. Following the releases of movies such as Maleficent and The Jungle Book, Disney fans everywhere are having mixed emotions about their childhood favorites being remade.
Freshman Summer Starcevich feels particularly strongly about Disney’s new take on their classics. The avid Disney fan says, “I feel like they’re replacing my childhood. It makes me really mad that all my favorite movies are going to get remade into something that couldn’t possibly top the original.”
On the other hand, however, some Disney fans are extremely excited about the prospect of reliving their old favorites. Joey Padula says, “The new Cinderella gives the focus to the human characters, making so the story has more emotional connection, making more interesting.”  
Other people find themselves falling somewhere in the middle on this issue. Freshman Katie Griswold says, “I think it can be a good idea to remake some of the movies, but I feel that there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. If Disney makes these movies super different or too big, I feel like it’s going to be seen more as a way to make money.” Another freshman student, Andrew Parker, feels similarly. He says that, “I feel that they have the right to remake movies, but I do find it troubling how Hollywood in general cannot make new material. They just keep remaking old movies or making bad sequels of the originals.”
For many children, these new movies are exciting because they don’t know any different. However, older generations seem to be troubled by these new movies. Whether it is just a ploy for money, or really just Disney trying to make old material in new and exciting ways, it’s pretty much a given that these movies will attract a great deal of attention.