Presidential debate viewing party

Natalie Spahn

Over 100 people showed up to watch the first presidential debate of 2016 in Hanson Hall on Monday, Sept. 26.
The College Democrats, the College Republicans, and the Politics Club all co-hosted the viewing party in room 102, with the debate streamed through NBC News Live on the large projector.

This anticipated debate had about 84 million viewers across the nation, with this race is being called one of the most important elections in U.S. history. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump discussed some of the most significant issues facing America today with NBC news anchor, Lester Holt, moderating.
Sophomore Laura Neswold attended the event and said that she enjoyed going to see the debate.
“There were a lot of people and we got to discuss the debate as it was happening. I normally don’t watch debates live, I only see or hear highlights afterwards,” Neswold said.
Kirk Kreiter, a sophomore and president of the College Democrats, said the group’s plans for the rest of the election season are, “to remain in contact with not only national politics, but the local politics as well.”
The group aims to host more of the debate viewings and to get more people interested at caucusing and going door to door, so they can remain engaged with the election.
Senior and president of the College Republicans at Augustana, Joe Carroll, was at the debate supporting his candidate. For him, this debate was different than others because of, “how important this race is for the country.”
The College Republicans are not sure if they will be co-hosting more debate events, but they will be working on getting out and talking to voters for the rest of this election season.
When people entered the building they were greeted by a cardboard cut-out of Donald Trump and a man in a gorilla costume with a sign that read “votes out for Harambe.” These were brought by the College Republicans who received them as donations. People were allowed to take pictures with the figures. The College Democrats brought snacks for everyone in attendance to share.