Profair gives out opportunities

On Thursday, Sept. 22, Augustana College and St. Ambrose University hosted Profair from 11-3 p.m. at the Pepsico Recreation Center. It is an annual program that helps connect students and alumni prospective employers for opportunities in jobs and internships.
Profair, one of the two biggest career-networking events that Augustana College and St. Ambrose collaborate to host each year, is open to students and alumni. It allows students to meet with over 70 representatives and potential employers who are seeking interns and employees. Students will get to explore career opportunities, build their network with people in their field of interest, and strengthen their interview skills.
This year, were able to connect with Deloitte, Peace Corps, Chick-fill-A, and Target. No matter what year they are in, from a first-year student or a graduating senior, and despite their area of interest, from business, accounting to biology, chemistry or political science and social work, etc., they can benefit from what Profair has to offer.
Students and alumni can tour around and talk to employers to figure out what area they are really interested in, sharpen their communications skill, and find out about jobs and internship opportunities to take another step in their career-seeking process. Some employers may offer an interview invitation on the following day.
“I have found a company that I really like and have also given them my resume for future connection. This is such a great opportunity and I am so glad that I went to Profair this year,” said junior Tien Le
“A lady offered me an internship opportunity at the clinic this summer and I am working on that, so I am very excited.” Those are feedbacks from from students who have asked about their experiences of Profair.
Companies also benefit from this event as well. They get to get connected with a ton of top-notch job and internship candidates. There are also some new companies and organizations this year. Erin Barnett, a representative from CMB Regional Centers, said, “This is our very first time at this event and we are really looking forward to talking with prospective candidates.”