Class of 2020 arrives to campus


The class of 2020 forms the signature “Augie A” on the football field during the 2016 Welcome Week. (Photo provided by Augustana College Office of Communications)

The newest class of students could be found walking around Augustana’s campus on Thursday, Aug. 18. The class of more than 700 is full of “mixed emotions” as they say goodbye to their parents one last time, while embarking on the journey of higher education.
Parents could be heard comforting their children outside of the Carver Center following the annual convocation.
Many said things such as, “Call me anytime.” and “I don’t know why I’m crying, I am just so proud of you.”
“I am excited start the new journey and I am not too far away from home so It is nice knowing I can still go home and visit on weekends if I start to feel homesick”  Ali Seiple, a first year student, said.
“I have mixed emotions, very excited but very sad” said Connie Vanhorn, a mother of a first year student.
According to the Office of Admissions and President Bahls, one in 10 of the students who applied last year were admitted to the class of 2020. President Bahls said in a speech that this class comes from one of the largest application pools in history.
Student Government President Charlie Bentley encouraged new students to make the most of their four years here by getting involved with new activities around campus.
“One really big moment for me was signing up for student government and setting big goals and reaching them. Today I am student government president so it is a really important thing to experience.” said Bentley after the event.
Provost of the College, Dr. Pareena Lawrence challenged students make the most of their time here and get the most out of the education they are paying for.
First year students will now enjoy a week of activities planned and organized by the Office of Student Life. The team of more than 40 is composed of students, peer mentors, and directors who will work and volunteer 12-15 hour days to ensure a smooth transition into college life for the new students.