Augustana email volume remains overwhelming

A while back, the Career, Opportunities, Research and Exploration (also known as CORE) office decided to reduce their number of emails sent out to students.
They did so by creating a CORE Digest email that would be a summary of events for the day, rather than sending out individual emails for every single event.
While this did in fact decrease the number of CORE emails in my (already very full) inbox, I don’t think much has changed, since I’m still getting an email from them every day.
Augustana’s CORE office, amongst other things, is what makes us unique compared to other small liberal arts colleges.
It’s such a valuable resource to have when thinking about life after Augie. But in all honesty, these email digests are getting hard to swallow.
As college students, we’re bombarded with emails from the college, our professors, various student groups and organizations we belong to and not to mention hundreds of invitations to various campus events. I think a weekly email would suffice for all the events going on for the week.
I understand CORE wants to get the information out so students can add it to their calendar, but oftentimes, if I’m notified of something too early, I’ll forget about it.
Taking it one week at a time seems like a compromise between a daily email and a monthly email. CORE also provides event cards for each term.
If people really want to go to an event, most likely, they will add it to their calendar and be aware of it.
When we keep getting emails in our inbox about an event that we were planning on going to anyway, sometimes it has the opposite effect, and then we don’t want to go.
It’s human nature not to want to be told to do something if you were going to do it on your own in the first place.
We can all agree that the emails are overwhelming and, frankly, excessive.
CORE should work to figure out a system that will make students aware of events but not fill up their inbox with repetitive emails. Another thing—although there is only so much one can do when formatting text in a single email—I think the emails would be easier to read if they were in a calendar format.
The way they are formatted now, with some varied line spacing and some bold event header text, makes it difficult to sift through for the information you’re seeking. It all seems to blend together.