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December 9, 2023

Greek party registration encourages safe events

For more than a decade, Augustana Greek groups have had to follow policies in order to ensure limited risks at their social gatherings involving alcohol.
One way of limiting the risks that college students are exposed to is by requiring each groups social chair fill out a registration form prior to the party provided by the Office of Student Life.
According to the social event registration form provided by Katey Bignall, Director of Greek Life, “The purpose for filling out the Social Event Registration Form is to provide event planners with an outline of several risk management steps the College expects organizations to take when planning programs involving alcohol.”
The document cites the policy as an “educational tool.”
Bignall said that the policy is taken very seriously from an administration standpoint.
“If a group does not register an event that they have then there is a $25 fine,” said Bignall.
Groups must have their parties registered more than 48 hours before their event.
The policy states that it is the responsibility of the social chair to ensure that ample food, non-alcoholic beverages and designated drivers are all planned for at each event where alcohol is being served.
According to Mitch Lewis, Social Chair for Greek Council, the registering of social events is an important process not only for the group but also for the school as it decreases liability once the form is filled out.
“The form is long and goes into depth, so I have to thank the social chairs for sticking to the form and filling it out every time,” said Lewis, who believes the different social chairs from each group and their commitment to the form is resulting in safer events for students.
However, while forms are being filled out, many events lack to meet all of the requirements such as providing food and non-alcoholic drinks for all guests.
“I believe the college wants to encourage Greeks to be safe while allowing them to be reasonably independent and make their own choices,” said Jackie Jastrzebski, President of Delta Chi Theta sorority. Jastrzebski said the policy is one example of this.
“It is (the social chairs) responsibility to make sure they continue to fill out the forms and help ensure we are having safe events,” said Lewis.
Bignall said that some gaps in the policy do still exist.
“Like any policy or procedure there will be areas that are not fully covered and can always be adjusted and reevaluated periodically,” said Bignall.
Bignall said that the college actively tries and educate and inform group leaders about the policy. She spends time explaining why it exists and how it can benefit them.
Bignall said that the policy was reviewed and updated just a few years ago to ensure it was still meeting the needs to the groups and students.
“I think the biggest take away individuals in the Greek Community should know is that the policy is there to help their chapter leadership plan and run a safe, fun, and within the policy social event,” Bignall said.

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Greek party registration encourages safe events