Fundraiser reduces donation goal

The fourth annual St. Baldrick’s fundraiser event is this Friday, and the overall goal this year is down from last year.
According to Augustana’s page on the St. Baldrick’s website, $9,537 has been raised out of the $27,000 goal for this year. Last, year the goal was $35,000, but $27,261 was raised.
“The donations will pick up towards the home stretch,” said St. Baldrick’s organizer Michael Madden, a senior. “There will also be an after party so we will get money from that as well.”
The St. Baldrick’s fundraiser, hosted by Rho Nu Delta, is an annual event where students, faculty and staff raise money for children’s cancer research and shave their head to raise awareness. The hair may go toward making wigs and the money goes to help find a cure towards childhood cancer.
Last year, more than 100 people, including 21 females signed up to shave their heads. This year 101 participants have signed up to raise money and many plan to shave their heads.
The St. Baldrick’s organization hosts events head shaving events like the one at Augustana this worldwide.
According to the St. Baldrick’s website, “Whether it’s through our signature head-shaving events, partnerships or advocacy initiatives, our primary focus is to have the greatest impact for kids with cancer around the world.”
Sophomore Lupe Gallegos, a volunteer shaving her head this year, explained why people shave their heads.
“I think that it is so you can relate to a child that does have cancer,” Gallegos said. “A child with cancer is a bit different than an adult with cancer. For adults, they know more of what to expect. But a child might not be ready to lose their hair.”
Gallegos has raised the most amount of money for the event with $1,520. Ellie Schwetz has raised the second highest amount so far with $1,290.
Madden holds women who shave their heads for this event in high regard.
“It’s really moving to see people shave their heads, especially women,” Madden said. “They are very brave.”
Gallegos has a slightly different perspective.
“A lot have people have said that I am very brave to do this and I guess I am,” Gallegos said. “But I didn’t really do it to be brave; it was just to do something to help out.”
St. Baldrick’s has raised a total of $154,552,703 to be given as research grants. There are 10,025 fundraisers and 505,512 participants around the world. Last year over 38 million dollars was raised, and this year the foundation has raised over 25 million dollars.