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Cristina King, Miss Nationwide 2022 - keynote speaker at the event.

Students Observer Transgender Day of Remembrance

Krystina Slack November 25, 2022

The day after Arun Gandhi spoke to the Augustana community about the value of nonviolence, the Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity hosted an event that stressed the damage violence has had on the...

Dr. Arun Gandhi promotes nonviolence

Dr. Arun Gandhi promotes nonviolence

Krystina Slack November 18, 2022

On Nov. 14, Dr. Arun Gandhi spoke to Augustana and the Rock Island community in Centennial Hall. Gandhi is the first speaker in Augustana’s new Global Lecture Series. Arun Gandhi is the grandson of...

How the media can affect the way we see Islamic communities

Krystina Slack March 18, 2022

There are over two billion practicing Muslims in the world today, yet the religion of Islam is commonly stereotyped and negatively talked about, especially since 9/11. In light of the recent Ukrainian...

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Alyssa Duckett of the Observer Staff

Staff, students debate media influence on violence

Audrianna Schneider October 10, 2019

Our world today is surrounded by technology. We use it in schools, at work, at home, anywhere we turn, there’s a screen. While our technology is used in ways of work and school, we also use it to entertain...

Sexual assault is an issue of violence

September 21, 2017

Although Title IX only explicitly prohibits sex discrimination and does not directly concern sexual misconduct on campuses, it has been found responsible for protecting sexual assault victims. This is...

Mass violence asks answerless questions

April 18, 2014

Whenever there is an episode of mass violence, as has been happening all too frequently recently, the first thing I do is brace myself for the offensive media frenzy that will surround it. This is not...

Editorial: University of Illinois reveals racism, sexism

January 29, 2014

Sunday night, students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign turned to racist, sexist and threatening remarks aimed at Chancellor Phyllis Wise over their disappointment at the lack of a snow...

Guns wrong solution to safer campus

December 11, 2013

Safety is a clear priority on every campus. How to achieve the safest possible environment for students, faculty and staff is open for debate, especially when it comes to having guns on campus. Arming...

No simple answers for safety

December 11, 2013

The question of arming Public Safety officers has been asked more and more in the past several years. Since the Virginia Tech shooting, schools and universities have had to rethink their approach to ensuring...

Clothesline Project

Clothesline Project

October 15, 2013

To the Editor: Last week, some students walking across the Quad may have experienced a heightened sense of discomfort; they may have worried that they were the targets of unwanted attention and took measures...

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