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Emergency lights light up the hallway of Erickson Hall during the outage.

Campus power outage: Students create chaos amid blackout

Olivia Doak October 25, 2021

Around 9pm on Sunday, Oct. 24 the power went out in some parts of campus, including major residential halls. In response, chaos ensued as students began running around and screaming in their dorm buildings....

Weed on campus: Should it be allowed?

Najiah Osborne October 17, 2021

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States. 48.2 million people use the drug on a regular basis, and about 18 percent of Americans used it once, as of the year 2019.  Federally,...

COVID-19 winding down creates hope for next year

Celeaciya Olvera May 4, 2021

I think we can all agree that when COVID-19 evolved into a pandemic no one knew what was going to happen. Jobs and schools were being shut down and no one knew for how long. On March 13, 2020, Illinois...

Take advantage of J-term opportunities

Michelle Quinn February 20, 2020

Since this is Augustana’s first year of semesters, a lot of students have been having mixed emotions about J-term. A lot of my close friends did a range of things such as staying home, studying abroad,...

Cartoon by Cassie Talbot

Why the Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics isn’t actually “innovative”

Giselle Barajas September 27, 2018

According to Georgia state law, corporal punishment is allowed in schools under specific circumstances. Yes, you heard that right. School officials can still legally hit children in Georgia and in 19 other...

Texas school district passes wrong judgement

October 3, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed, a 14 year old aspiring engineer, was arrested earlier this month in Texas after bringing a homemade clock to school. His aim was to impress his teacher, but the teacher took it and saw it...

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