Campus power outage: Students create chaos amid blackout


Chris Ferman

Emergency lights light up the hallway of Erickson Hall during the outage.

Olivia Doak

Around 9pm on Sunday, Oct. 24 the power went out in some parts of campus, including major residential halls. In response, chaos ensued as students began running around and screaming in their dorm buildings. Reports were made of people yelling and playing scary music through the halls. Junior CA Kylie Radz was in the lobby of Westerlin when she said she kept hearing random screaming while people were singing and playing the piano. All the while, Radz said, she couldn’t see anything and had no idea who was walking past her. Radz also said she saw things as bizarre as a person in a gorilla suit, scaring her as they suddenly ran past. Glow sticks were used in bathrooms to try to provide light. No students were notified of any power outage and were not given any updates on when it would come back on. After about three hours, power was restored.