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SGA debate disappoints in crowd, not in content

SGA debate disappoints in crowd, not in content

March 24, 2017

The SGA election progressed another step closer to next week’s vote for candidates Allan Daly and Courtney Kampert during the annual debate on Mar. 20 in Gavle 3. The debate, due to the lack of opposition,...

Students had a chance to meet each of the candidates for SGA president and vice president on Monday night.

Candidates debate to sway votes at SGA debate

March 23, 2016

The Student Government Association Presidential candidates took the stage on Monday for a debate hosted by SGA and the Observer. The tickets are: SGA secretary Charlie Bentley and senator Sarah Funke,...

Linnea Ritchie
Junior SGA presidential candidate Peter Siepiora (above) and junior SGA presidential candidate David Sommers discuss their platforms during the SGA presidential debate Monday.

SGA hosts presidential debate

April 2, 2015

The Student Government Association (SGA) presidential debate was held Monday night, with candidates David Sommers and Jackie Jastrzebski on one ticket and Peter Siepiora and Danica Gray on the other. The...

Benson, Funke provide professionalism, peace of mind

Benson, Funke provide professionalism, peace of mind

March 27, 2014

After a weekend of campaigning, Student Government Association (SGA) presidential and vice presidential candidates took the stage in a debate Monday night. Senator Darien Marion-Burton and running mate...

Benson, Funke run against Marion-Burton, Gray in upcoming SGA election

March 23, 2014

Presidential and vice presidential candidates for the Student Government Association (SGA) will be participating in a debate regarding student life and community engagement on Monday at 7 p.m. in the Gavle...

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