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Are people too reliant on Facebook and other social media platforms?

Zach Blair October 17, 2021

Facebook is a dominant entity. With billions of people using the site as a medium to connect with loved ones and run businesses, the criticality of Facebook’s consistent running and ease of usage becomes...

Augustana owns and plans to sell former R.I. KMart

August 10, 2016

The vacant property formerly known as KMart in Rock Island is now up for grabs, but many people don’t know that the land at 3840 46th Ave is actually owned by Augustana College. The retail giant closed...

SGA approves Real Estate Investment club's budget request

October 2, 2014

SGA approved the Real Estate Investment club’s budget request of $790 last week. The budget will go towards guest speakers, investment board games and other assorted costs. The club was founded in the...

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