Figge to set time restrictions on presentations

The Figge is cutting straight to the point. The museum will host “PechaKucha Night,” a new event for the Quad Cities, which will feature time restricted presentations.

The night will begin in the museums grand lobby at 5 p.m. Guest will have an option to enjoy burger baskets and listen to music before the presentations begin at 6:30 p.m.

The idea of “PechaKucha Night” is new to the Quad Cities.

“We were looking for a way to incorporate more of our community,” said Melissa Moore, director of education at the Figge art museum.

PechaKucha is a type of presentation founded in Japan in 2003. The idea was a way for young design professionals to present information without overwhelming their audiences with long presentations. The presentations will include slideshows, each with 20 images shown, for 20 seconds each.

“The presentation style is very rapid, very short, and very interesting,”Moore said.

According to the PechaKucha website, there are currently 300 cities registered to host these events. Once a business or organization registers in each city, that place is the exclusive host site of PechaKucha presentations. The Figge art museum is currently the exclusive host for the entire Quad City area.

One presentation night is held each month, with the exception of October when there are two, Moore said.

At this event, the presentation will focus on the exhibit “Artist’s First” in which Chris Moretenson, Augustana professor of photography, is featured.

“I think a student can gain knowledge from professors in the area, and the world that they consume from this event. About the work,(the professors) contribute in, about their hopes and their fears, it could be about anything so it could be very interesting, Moretenson said.

Moretenson has a photograph featured in the show, from a series of his called “In the movement of the sun, I saw something.”

Moretenson asked friends to clinically describe a photo to him, then using the information provided he used Photoshop and websites like Google Images to re-create the images. His photograph symbolizes the way the human mind uses descriptions to create images in one’s mind.

Moretenson requests that Augustana students are in high attendance at this event.

“Usually this event draws in about 150 people, but I think Augustana can smash that record,” said Mortenson. “Artists tend to put a lot of creativity into things, not that others don’t, but there will be very interesting approach to how these PechaKuchas are put together.”

“This is the people’s presentation, by the people and for the people, its very special for students for this reason,” said Moore. “We establish that this is a fun, safe zone”

Another PechaKucha night will be held later this month on Oct 30. The theme will be Halloween and the Figge is inviting guest to dress up in their costumes.