Preview: Orchestra to play Mozart Quintet

The Quad City Symphony Orchestra (QCSO) and WVIK Augustana Public Radio have collaborated on a new Signature Series, beginning with a performance by the Mozart Quintet.
Chamber music will be played by members of the QCSO at Wallenberg Hall on Jan. 26 at  3 p.m., and broadcasted by WVIK, ensuring that the performance is accessible to everyone in the area.
“This is the real stuff,” WVIK CEO and General Manager Jay Pearce said of the music, “There’s nothing like live performance. And the live recording’s fantastic. But nothing can compare to seeing the musician’s faces, the sound in the hall, seeing other people enjoying it.”
The Mozart Quintet includes members Julianne Skones on oboe, Christine Bellomy on clarinet, Benjamin Coelho on bassoon, Marc Zyla on horn and Mary Neil on piano, who will perform pieces by Mozart, Hurlstone, Schumann and Glinka.
Augustana Professor of Music, Mary Neil, Ph.D., said she anticipates the chance to perform with her symphony colleagues, many of whom also teach.
“I see this concert as a wonderful opportunity to play chamber music with some of my fellow QCSO members,” Neil said, “The piano is so often only a solo instrument, and combining it with other instruments gives the pianist a chance to interact more closely with other people, much like having a conversation or a dialogue.”
Pearce said the Signature Series will promote classical music and local performances, as well as showcase Augustana’s facilities, which is important for the whole community.
“The Quad Cities is a philanthropic community, aware of the value of amenities,” Pearce said,.“If we get excited and promote (the arts), and people support us, we can raise the quality of life for all of us.”
Augustana is in a unique position to feature and encourage the arts, and events like the Mozart Quintet will contribute to a richer culture, according to Pearce.
“The better Augustana does, the better we all do,” Pearce said, “Events like this attract employees and businesses to our community … brings people on campus, shows off the facilities and promotes good feelings towards Augustana.”
“You don’t have to be a student of music to appreciate it,” Pearce said. “Music is a beautiful thing. The body relaxes when it takes in beauty. It can help you to forget deadlines and pressures, and we all need that to refresh our spirit and soul.”
The Mozart Quintet is sponsored by the Metropolitan Medical Laboratory. Tickets are available at the QCSO website or by calling the box office at (563) 322-7276, or at the door.