Augie hooks students up with sex education

Chloe Baxter

Hooking up is when individuals engage in casual intimacy without expecting to be or in a committed relationship. 

Many say that hooking up is a standard part of college life, saying it takes precedence over typical dating or long-term relationships. 

Given the discourse surrounding hookup culture, it is the college’s responsibility to take action to ensure the health of its students.

However, some argue that providing safe sex education and resources only contributes to a culture of casual sex.

Augustana does not actively promote hookup culture. 

Instead, resources are available on-campus to promote healthy sexual relationships among students and to enable them to make the best decisions for their health and well-being. 

According to a study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, “Fifty-four percent [of students] reported having participated in a sexual hookup during the school year [and] thirty-seven percent of students reported two or more hookups during the school year. But 90 percent of the participants assumed that a “typical” student had been involved in two or more hookups.” 

The research demonstrates that while talking about hookup culture is prevalent on campus, the act of hooking up is far less common than many think. 

While the numbers are low, students do still engage in hookup culture, meaning that the campus must provide resources for safe sex. 

Augustana does provide safe sex education and resources for students, including access to free contraceptives such as condoms and its office of sexual assault prevention education. 

Their involvement in providing students with sex education raises questions about the line between the promotion of safe sex and the promotion of casual sex.

Augustana is not adopting a position on if students should partake in casual sex or not. 

Instead, it is taking preventative action against sexually-transmitted infections and diseases and unwanted pregnancies and promoting healthy sexual encounters. 

If Augustana did not provide students with access to these resources, they would fail to provide students with a safe environment and deny them the ability to make well-informed choices about their sex lives. 

It is up to each student to make decisions about their sexual encounters and relationships.

Augustana does not play a role in that decision outside of providing access to items and education. 

While hookup culture may be present on campus, it is not expected of all students. 

Providing students with access to free condoms, sexual health education and resources, such as workshops, counseling services and information on STDs and STIs, does not influence this culture. 

These steps make the campus a safer environment for potential sexual activity, offering students the necessary support to make informed decisions about their health. 

Ultimately, it is up to the students to make decisions that align with their goals and beliefs about sex, including choosing whether or not to engage in hookup culture.