Augustana softball works to reach new horizons and goals

Sarah Villani

The softball team has started their season with a 6v6 split. Through repetition and communication, the team has been improving. 

“So far, we have won six out of six games… and I think we’re going to keep improving for conferences which are coming up soon,” senior Amanda Paige said. 

The team has a new coach this year which is helping them improve their plays while learning new ones as well. 

“Coach Karl is teaching us how to play differently than the other teams by learning how each batter is going to play. Then we’ll move before they swing in order to cover the field the ball will most likely be in,” Paige said.

The team has been focusing on the fundamentals, which have been a challenge for the team in past seasons. The fundamentals have been detrimental to the team when they have been playing games. Karl Gollan, head coach of the softball team, believes that the team has been putting in the effort to improve together. 

“At times, the fundamentals have let us down so that is where our focus is,” Gollan said. 

So far this has been helping them improve because it’s a different way of playing that many of the other schools aren’t used to which is making them uncomfortable. 

“Learning the new moves were uncomfortable at first, but now that we’ve gotten the hang of it, all it will do is make the other teams uncomfortable,” Gollan said.

According to the coach, it is good to be uncomfortable during practice and competition because this is what will help you improve and become a better player. 

When players are uncomfortable, they are able to grow in the sport a lot more.

“Competition is often not comfortable and is the least of our opponents’ concerns, so it is not of much concern to us as a group. We just make sure we do the work required, so we are prepared to handle and face the challenges that come with the discomfort [and] pressure of competition,” Gollan said.

Communication and trust are important when playing softball as well. 

When on the field it’s imperative to trust your teammates so that way you can relax and have fun. 

When you are able to let your mind relax during the game it can help make it more enjoyable and less stressful.

“It’s nice to be friends with your teammates because then you can just relax while playing the game,” Paige said.