SGA remains open for student participation


Abdul-Salam Zakaria

Senators at the SGA meeting on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Kayla Hobbs

The Student Government Association (SGA) has been established at Augustana to provide for students’ needs. SGA makes a big impact on campus because they are the bridge between our students and the

SGA has many roles on campus. They help manage funds with groups, clubs, festivals, campus events, trips and more. They listen to the students if they have issues with the minimum wage or facilities. Each class has different senators for students to confide in about their campus

First-Year Brayden Atkisson currently serves as a senator for SGA.

“Meetings can range from being dull to extremely intense,” Atkisson said.
SGA meets every Thursday in Lindberg 202 at 7:00 p.m. In the meetings, they have time for the student body to relay their problems.

If a student has a problem, SGA can hear them out while they voice their concerns. Senators are also able to voice any problems they hear about
on campus.

“My job is to represent the First-Years, but I also represent the student body as a whole,” Atkisson said. “Specifically, I listen to a lot of freshmen if they have issues, most of the time pertaining to Westerlin or classes.”

SGA has some guidelines that need to be followed in order to be involved. For example, to be a part of the SGA, you need to have a 2.0 GPA or higher. Absences are taken seriously and the participants can have two excused absences.

They also require the participants to have campus hours which involve academic, cultural, fine arts and sports. In the meetings, participants are expected to be respectful of everyone’s opinions. It is expected to not agree with everyone, but it is important in SGA that you treat everyone with respect.

Senior Isabelle Jordan is the SGA president and has frequently expressed her gratitude for when students make their
voices heard on and off campus.

“I love the SGA because I like when students show their power, especially when they don’t believe in their power,” Jordan said. “That makes me the happiest.”

SGA isn’t only recognized by those involved. The college acknowledges the work SGA performs to improve campus.

“SGA focuses on making a positive and thoughtful difference in the Augie
community by working to resolve issues faced by the student body,” Augustana’s website said. “To do this, senators work in committees to develop changes in college policies, promote student-led initiatives, create awareness campaigns and coordinate campus events.”

Sophomore senator Neleigh Rush wants to hear students’ concerns and advocate for them.

“If you have a problem, please come to
our meetings,” Rush said. “We love to hear from students.”

SGA’s main priority is to help provide and lead the campus community.

“The purpose of SGA is to provide a good experience for all students and to make sure all students are feeling heard and welcomed.” Rush said.

Elections are coming up for president and vice president after spring break, in which applications are due. In order to be able to run, a duo must gain at least 300 signatures from the student body. Shortly after, there are elections for anyone who would like to join SGA. All positions are open for election.

“If anyone wants to make a difference on campus, watch your email,” Atkisson said. “We would love to have you.”