Student athletes manage Greek life and academics

Sarah Villani

Now that Greek rush season has begun, student athletes have to balance a lot of different activities, and some are adding Greek life on top of their already busy schedules.

Being a distance runner on the track and field team while also being a part of the Chi Omega Gamma sorority, Casey De La Cruz, junior, has had to learn how to manage her time in order to use every minute to its fullest while also making sure she doesn’t get burnt out.

“So far it’s been fun, and everything right now has been working out with the time the activities are at,” De La Cruz said. “Over the last two years I’ve definitely learned that I am able to handle it. I also had to realize that it might not be the best to do everything that I want to in order to not get overwhelmed and to the best quality,” De La Cruz said.

Last season, sophomore wrestler Sawyer Graham felt she had to make sure she was taking care of herself while being busy.

“After a night of pledging, I would let myself stay up and relax without really having to talk to anybody or do anything in particular,” Graham said.

Now that Graham has experience in both pledging and wrestling, she is able to help the First-Years who are going through the process of joining a Greek group.

“There are sophomores on the wrestling team so it’s nice that we are able to help guide the freshmen on the team who are rushing,” Graham said.

Overall, the experience the older athletes bring to their younger teammates helps bring the team together and makes the First-Years feel less alone in the whole process, especially in regards to pledging.

De La Cruz has noticed doing self care and communicating to others that are also going through this process, helps her feel less alone. If other people are managing to get through this busy season De La Cruz believes she can as well, even if it is hard and stressful.

“It’s about managing priorities. I was able to do it. So were the people before me,” De La Cruz said.

Now that De La Cruz is a junior, she has more freedom in choosing how much of her time she spends on the sorority.

“The last two years were a lot of outside preparation, especially my sophomore year when I had to prepare for my little, but now my little one is getting ready so I don’t have as much to do,” De La Cruz said.

Communication between coaches and people in Greek groups has been key. This is especially true when it comes to rushing so both parties can understand the balance act student athletes are doing right now.

“If something doesn’t work out I will rearrange my schedule or talk to my coach or the Greek life thing that I’m going to and ask if there’s an alternative to that,” De La Cruz said.

Those who have experienced pledging and being a student athlete suggest figuring out when you have free time in your schedule, to make sure you are able to complete your homework in time.