Pre-rush events encourage learning about Greek life


Linh Tran

Event participants create different designs for their own tote bag.

Jack Brandt

Throughout the later half of fall semester, Augustana’s Greek groups offer pre-rush events where potential new members have the chance to meet current members of a fraternity or sorority. The events are just one way of many for students to learn about Greek life, and are spread out so that it’s possible to attend each one.

Junior Constance Krupa, the recruitment co-chair for Greek Council, said that Greek life can be intimidating, but that pre-rush events are really just a time for hanging out. She added that Greek life is often different from what people assume.

“Showing up is probably the most important part,” Krupa said. “Everyone is different, and they’re all going to look for something different in every single group, but honestly just show up and keep an open mind.”

She said that pre-rush events allow students to learn about Greek life before rush, helping them to not feel overwhelmed by such a busy time on campus. She also said that she’s excited for this year’s recruitment, as covid rules are more flexible.

“We’re trying to bring back that sort of easing-in part,” Krupa said. She hopes that students take an interest in Greek life before rush, which is scheduled to begin in February.

Sophomore Brock Clark, the other recruitment co-chair for Greek Council works alongside Krupa. He said that although Greek life has a big presence on campus, pre-rush events take place in relaxed environments.

“It’s just like hanging out,” Clark said. His own fraternity, Phi Omega Phi (Poobah), is planning a cookout and bonfire, while other groups are planning a game night as well as tote bag painting, among others.

According to Clark, almost two-thirds of the student body are in Greek life, but there’re fewer international students within that number, so Greek Council is planning a fair on Nov. 17, specifically for international students.

“It’s something we haven’t done before,” Clark said. He said that he hopes it’s a day where international students can feel comfortable asking questions. Every Greek group is invited to take part in the fair, and students will be able to talk to current members.

Senior Sofia Briggs, co-director for Student Engagement at the Office of Student Life, helped come up with the idea along with junior Arnav Shrestha, a student from Nepal.

She said that international students might feel more comfortable rushing if they saw their friends taking part.

“Even if they aren’t interested in joining Greek life, I think the exposure to it in the first place is opening the door to know if they’re interested or not,” Briggs said. “I want international students to feel like Greek life is a place where they can go.”

She said that it’s not just on international students to become involved, “It goes both ways,” Briggs said, referring to the interaction between international and domestic students.


Constance Krupa previously worked for the Observer.