Are you interested: Special housing programs for sophomores at Augustana

Najiah Osborne

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is returning, and as the semester progresses, students are preparing to select housing for next year. At Augustana, there are many different housing options. 

Rising sophomores students are granted the opportunity to participate in Augustana Leaders In Vocational Exploration (ALIVE) which is a program that allows students to meet new people, and participate in a plethora of different exploration activities. 

The ALIVE program provides students with community engagement as there are gatherings held on Sundays to conversate and reflect on the experience. ALIVE offers students the opportunity to live in Swanson, which is considered a building with deluxe spaces that hold private bathrooms for the same price of Erickson Residence where the majority of Augie Sophomore students live. 

Chris Beyer, director of residential life at Augustana, is in favor of ALIVE, as it has been offered year after year and has made exceptional differences in students’ lives.

“We believe ALIVE to be a very beneficial program,” Chris Beyer says. 

Khadka Mir, a sophomore and current ALIVE resident, loves this ALIVE program. 

“It’s like the therapy I never had. It’s a great time to meet faculty members, and engage in activities that prepare you for the future,” Mir said. 

Students value these housing opportunities because they feel like home. ALIVE isn’t the only program that rewards students with various experiences. Augustana also offers housing for international students (I-House), and the experience is said to be rewarding as you meet people from all over the world.

“Living in I-House, you learn about many different cultures and you gain the opportunity of taking a class together which encourages intercultural communication,” Chris Beyer says. 

International house provides students with intercultural experiences, through education and peer interaction. I-House has a large kitchen, dining rooms and living rooms and is located on campus. 10 students can live in I-House and are required to take the WLLC-300 Intercultural Communication Through Food course for credit or noncredit. In addition residents here will be charged at same rates as hall doubles in Erickson.

These opportunities offered can change your life, and you’re given the space to grow as an adult. 

For students to be considered, they have to be open minded and want to learn more about themselves through the experiences of others. It’s not just about the private bathrooms in Swanson, or the living room in I-House, it is far deeper than that. It’s about engagement and diversity, both very crucial to maintaining a peaceful environment at Augustana. 

If you’re someone that enjoys community engagement and are passionate about growing as a person, ALIVE is a great option for you. If you’re someone that wants to be surrounded by different cultures then I-House is a good option for you. 

Whether you choose ALIVE, or I-House, know that your choice is going to make a difference in your life. Commit to making a difference, and be receptive to reflection as you’re rewarding yourself with knowledge and developing skills that will assist you in adulting.