Women’s Lacrosse went through the season

Kosei Ogata

The women’s lacrosse team has a 4-4 overall record so far this season. They will have CCIW conference games coming up on April 9 against Illinois Wesleyan. 

Kate Hettiger, a senior and a midfielder, shares the goal the team had at the beginning of the season. 

“We basically set a personal goal by ourselves, but our goal as a team before the season was getting together and competing for each game for the win,” Hettiger said. “Also, our goal was to improve together and achieve accomplishments.”

In terms of the personal goal which was set themselves, Hettiger mentioned her own goal as a senior. 

“My personal goal was putting everything into practice and games so I will not regret my last season since I am a senior,” Hettiger said. 

Some of the other members also mentioned their own personal goals for the season. 

Claire Kim, a junior and a midfielder, talked about her own goal.

“My goal for the season was trusting myself and my decision,” Kim said.  

Hannah Collins is a senior and a defender and a goalie.

“My goal was to be aggressive on defense and adapt to a new position because I started as a goalie this year,” Collins said. 

Margaret Cecilio, a senior and a midfielder, also talked about her own goal.

“My goal was to break personal stats, which would help the team in the end,” Cecilio said. 

Although they did not set the goal of going to the conference, each of them had a personal goal to make the conference tournament.  

The women’s lacrosse team is about halfway through their season and remain cognisant of the goals they set at the beginning. 

“The season so far is so good, so good. As each game, we have been getting better and finally got a good result,” Hettiger said. 

Cecilio also reflected on their season so far. 

“It was very interesting to see this season. Our season went well so far, and seeing this team and new members was very exciting,” Cecilio said. 

Some of them mentioned how they feel about going into conference games. 

“Non conference games helped us be ready for the conference,” Kim said. 

“We have confidence. We have been improving each game. Well just bring the effort to the game,” Hettiger said.

“I am feeling the same as the above two said. I am really excited about the conference,” Cecilio said. 

Lastly, Kim talked about what this season meant for them. 

“This season was the first season which went back to normal from the Covid for me. I am also happy that we could get together with the full team without Covid ruining our season,” Kim said.