Augie admission gives more time and chances for students

Mia C. Vu

For high school seniors, applying to college might be a frustrating process. They need to keep up their academic performance, finalize their list of schools and work on necessary paperwork all in a few months. Augie Admissions seems to understand the heightened anxiety as its deadlines give prospective students reasonable time to get through the overwhelming process. 

The current admissions windows include early decision, early action and regular decision. The deadline for both early decision and early action is Nov. 15, while regular decision requires students to apply by April 1. This means students have eight months, from when applications are opened on August 1, to complete their applications and to accept or decline their admissions offer by May 1. According to Emma Adebayo, executive director of admissions, the application window and decision plans are designed to give students several options over their final year of high or secondary school. 

“By maintaining these decision plans, no matter where a student is in their college search, delayed due to the pandemic or decided on, Augustana will ensure they can choose the best path for themselves and have all the time they need to explore and learn why our community produces such phenomenal scholars who go out into the world and have a significant impact,” Adebayo said. 

It’s true that many students’ college plans have been interrupted by the pandemic, with the most drastic negative impacts falling on students from marginalized groups, lower-income households and international students. Given that college has become much less affordable, specifically Augustana tuition, which has increased roughly 30 percent compared to 2011, students need and deserve additional time to evaluate college and financial offers. 

Augie admissions seems to compensate for the drawbacks of some decision options. For example, the early decision option comes with both pros and cons. Compared to early action, this option allows students to apply and hear back early in December, putting the anxiety of college application behind. But applying to early decision is a binding commitment without seeing a financial aid offer. Augustana addresses this major concern of students who rely on aid by guaranteeing a minimum of $25,000 per year to cover college costs. 

Though college affordability has become more questionable over the years, Augie admissions policies demonstrate its effort to lessen the anxiety and uncertainty of the college application process for prospective students. 

“Over the years and as we continue to work to come out of the pandemic, we have found that students need more time to explore and discover the college that fits them. When we say “fit,” we mean checking all the boxes on their list such as academic and financial,” Adebayo said. “Our goal is to reduce barriers for students, create access and provide opportunities to learn about our community.”