Men’s Water Polo was nominated for ACWPC

Freshman Colin McDowell lines himself up to score during a fall practice in 2021 in the Peter J. Lindberg Auditorium.

Lauren Pillion

Freshman Colin McDowell lines himself up to score during a fall practice in 2021 in the Peter J. Lindberg Auditorium.

Kosei Ogata

Five vikings of the men’s water polo team were nominated for the Association of Collegiate Water Polo Coaches (ACWPC). To be named for ACWPC, student-athletes must have a GPA of 3.20 or higher. 

The names of five Vikings who were nominated are: Joseph Addison, Maximus Mees, Colin McDowell, Jeremy Sherpa and Henry Sothern.

Joseph Addison is a first-year, and he just made it through his first season as a student-athlete. 

“I am very happy and very humbled that I received this award. There is no better feeling than seeing all your hard work paying off,” Addison said. “I’m proud that I got to represent Augustana College with this award, and I’m proud of all my other teammates who were awarded it as well.” 

Jeremy Sherpa is also a first-year water polo player. Although he was worried about managing academics and water polo, he said he made it and is proud of himself.

“I would say I am pretty happy and proud to have been nominated. I was nervous coming into my freshman year of college, to juggle school and athletics at a caliber,” Sherpa said. “The nomination showed a major growth in myself, and being recognized in such a way, gives me confidence for the next few years.”

Henry Sothern is also a first-year and he made it through his first season with a high grade. 

“I am very proud of myself and my teammates for earning the ACWPC All-Academic Award,” Sothern said. 

Joseph Addison places academics on his first priority and makes a schedule for studying and water polo.

“Good time management skills are vital to balance both academics and athletics. I’m busy almost all day with classes and sports,” Addison said. “I make sure when I have a block of free time, I spend it studying because academics is the most important thing.”

Sothern also achieved good time management and received an outstanding quality for both academics and athletics.

“I find balancing academic and athletic life isn’t too difficult for me as I do my best to plan ahead and manage my time well,” Sothern said.

Addison wants other athletes to succeed and gives helpful tips.

“My tips are to invest in your academics because that’s what you’re going to be doing once you graduate,” Addison said. “Set yourself up for success with good grades and time management skills. Take pride in your academics. Just like in athletics, try to be great. Set yourself apart.”

Addison advised that we need to set academics as the priority and have a good time management ability.

“For fellow athletes, I would advise asking for help whenever you need it. Whether that be in your respective sport, academics and mental health,” Sherpa said. “The competitive nature of athletes sometimes comes in the way of asking for help, being thrown into college with so much responsibility, you lose a lot of that ego.”

Sherpa said to ask for help for whatever we need, which leads to success for everything including academics and sports.

These comments are from those five Vikings with outstanding academic grades and great athletic qualities. The advice from them will help other athletes to improve their life in academics and sports.