The Augie plague: Should online classes be an option again?

Celeaciya Olvera

These past several weeks I have encountered several students that have been coughing, sneezing, and sniffling during class. With flu season approaching, it can lead to students becoming absent from classes.

We all understand when we miss a class period for whatever reason we need to make up the work that was missed.  However, when it comes to catching the flu, it is something that cannot be in anyone’s control. We can only try to prevent it.  

When students decide to take a day off from classes for the purpose of being sick, they should not worry about what assignments they miss. Instead, they should focus on getting better.

Since March of 2020, COVID-19 has been the primary focus. Every time someone coughs, sneezes, or even clears their throat, there would be looks given to the person because of how much illness has been on all of our minds.  

Sophomore Bethany Abrams gave a brief description of her perspective on what sickness does to students. “I think that when someone is feeling sick it can be a very stressful time, especially with the possibility of contracting COVID-19,” Abrams said.

Students in college become stressed with their workload already. Also, each student has their own routines and responsibilities depending on how active they are with their studies and extracurricular activities. Nonetheless, when something involuntary happens, students become more stressed. “It is very kind when professors work with students who have to miss class due to sickness as it shows that they not only care about their physical well-being but also their mental health and stress levels,” Abrams said.

As students, we have an obligation to be in class and to get our work done and take care of ourselves.  

Sophomore Katie Zaborenko explains that even though she has not been sick, there were times she has noticed sick kids coming to class. “I haven’t been sick, but I do absolutely think that if people are sick they should study at home and not worry about going to class,” Zaborenko said.

Unfortunately, I have been sick this semester and I did have to miss out on a few of my classes, my internship and my job.  I was already stressed beyond reason with assignments, however I was debating coming to class for the fear of missing something that could be detrimental.

COVID-19 was also on my mind when I was sick.  I did end up taking a test and fortunately it came out negative, but I still received looks from students and professors when I coughed or cleared my throat.

Thankfully, for the classes that I did miss, my professors were understanding and their main priority was to make sure I felt better. Even though I had a good experience, that does not mean other students have or will have that experience.  

Last school year, when students or professors were not feeling well, we were able to join virtually.  We should keep that as a permanent option for the future.  It will encourage students to be more involved with classes, and it will also relieve stress about coming to class when sick.