Augie Talks Madelynn Marunde

Katrina Scheer


Q: How did you take up swimming?

A: “I started swimming when I was five years old. My dad had worked with someone who worked at a YMCA swim team. My two older sisters swam too, but they quit. I was the only one hanging on, so I thought I might as well keep swimming. As I got older, I started competing in the longer races and went up from there.”

Q: What thoughts were going through your head before the race?

A: “I was kind of excited because we are all feeling the pressure for the relay. I get more nervous for individual events compared to team events. We had a new member on the relay this year: Gabby (Ainsworth). For the mile, I get more scared. It’s just 17-18 minutes in the water so hopefully my arms don’t die.”

Q: Describe the strategy you use while swimming the mile.

A: “For the mile, I would describe the race as ‘smooth-fast.’ You know, you are going fast but smooth because you have a long way to go. I would keep a pace for the majority of it before hitting the last 200 meters and sprinting the rest of the way back, giving everything that you have left.”

Q: Would you say you focus more on yourself during the race or your competitors?

A: “It’s hard not to look over at your competitors while swimming. When you breathe to the side you see them so you’re always aware of the distance between you. Sometimes I will sing a song in my head during the race to distance myself  because if you focus too much on other people, you’ll start to worry.”

Q: What was your reaction to your record-breaking time?

A: “Going into the meet, I knew I was ready for this race even though part of me didn’t feel ready. There was a lot of pressure to do well like last year.”

Q: What made you gravitate towards wanting to swim the mile?

A: “I can’t sprint – I mean, I can swim well enough. I am better at swimming longer distances and keeping a pace. If I’m sprinting, I cannot force myself to go fast. I could swim faster in the last 50 meters of a 500 than if I swam just 50 meters.”