Mediacom to broadcast three basketball games

Usually in order to see an Augustana basketball game, spectators have to travel to the Carver Center or the opposing team’s basketball court to watch, but for three games, spectators can watch taped delayed broadcasts of the Augustana men’s and women’s basketball teams on MC22.
The three games will be divided amongst the men’s and women’s team with the men’s team receiving two games and the women’s team receiving one.
One of the two games for the men’s team has already been broadcasted as the broadcast was set up in their 75-69 win over MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois. The game was broadcasted five times from Nov. 15 to Nov. 20. The next game to be broadcasted for the men will be at home against Central College on Dec. 16 at 7 p.m.
On the other side, the women’s basketball game that was broadcasted was their home game against Coe College on Tuesday.
Senior and women’s basketball team guard Jen VanWatermeulen said she was excited for the broadcasts  and said the broadcasts wouldn’t have much effect on their performance during the game, but would be helpful after.
“Being recorded and broadcasted on TV does not affect the team’s game,” VanWatermeulen said. “It is actually a helpful tool because we can go back and look and see the wrong and/or right things we did during our game. It also is another way for our family and fans to support us.”
Senior and men’s basketball team forward Michael Hoekstra shared the same sentiment because of the team’s experience with being broadcasted.
“Personally, I don’t think it does (affect our game performance) because we’ve had a decent amount of TV exposure in the last two to three years that I’ve been here. We’ve learned to focus on blocking it out and focusing on the task at hand, rather than what’s on camera.”
As for the competition during the broadcasts, Hoekstra said Central Iowa will be a tough opponent.
“They are a great team. They gave us fits the last time we played them my sophomore year and knocked us off of third place early in non-conference season,” Hoekstra said. “Getting them at home at the start of Christmas break will be great for us and it’ll be a heck of a game.
Before the game, VanWatermeulen said Coe would be a good opponent for the team as well.
“Last year when we played Coe, it was an intense and fun game to play even though we lost,” VanWatermeulen said. “I think this year we have a good chance of winning and it still being a competitive, fun and intense game.”
Overall, both seniors were happy their games were broadcasted so that their families could watch the game, as well as other supporters and members of the Augustana community.
“It’s a huge benefit for us, having the community see us if they don’t get a chance to (come to the game) and seeing the new Vikings this year. Hopefully these broadcasts encourage more people to come see our home games this year,” Hoekstra said.