A Holly, Jolly, Evil Christmas


Joker Greeting Christmas prank card. The cards plays its tune until the battery dies or the receiver destroys it. Photo courtesy of Joker Greeting.

As we get closer and closer to the big day, it’s time for all those late shoppers to finish up gifts for those they love. However, for those of you looking for an interesting new twist to the holiday season, we here at the observer have gathered a few ideas of great gifts to give those you may (not) love quite so much this holiday season.
After the infamous series of glitter bomb envelopes, which sold so spectacularly that orders had to be canceled because the seller ran had to high a demand for his productive capabilities, it’s obvious prank gifts on Christmas have certainly evolved from hiding boxes in boxes wrapped with duck tape that takes two years to unwrap.
Though that option is certainly still on the list at shipyourenemiesglitter.com, we decided to see if we could find an even worse option, and were certainly not disappointed.
Prankster brothers Tyler and Mark Ward, practical jokers and entrepreneurs have developed a new option that is truly reserved for the diabolical gifter. At their webpage, www.prankcandles.com, the brothers sell only one option, but an option that packs a real punch.
For $11.95, you can now anonymously send a scented candle that starts off as an Apple Pie dream, and quickly evolves into an olfactory nightmare.
If the reviews on this horrific candle are to believed, the prank doesn’t just end when the candle is blown out. The scent, and the emotional trauma that may ensue can last well into the night to assault St. Nicholas just as much as the unfortunate recepient.
For those who want a good laugh with less likelihood of tears, we also found a set of more mild options that can still add an evil twist to the most wonderful time of the year.
Starting from a wildly successful Kickstarter project, brothers Travis and Nick Peterson have created a new company called Joker Greeting, who now sell Birthday and Christmas cards with a special surprise. Once the card has been activated, if the unwitting victim presses the play music button, they will soon find that the music plays on an endless loop until either the battery dies, or they find a way to destroy the card and stop the music themselves.
If they hope that pressing the button will make the music stop, they’ll soon find themselves facing a louder and louder problem. Only choose this option if you have nerves (and eardrums) of steel.