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Review: Movie soundtracks gain new edge

In their new album “Heroes of the Apocalypse”, British music company Gothic Storm has been delving into the future of modern soundtrack and hybrid music.
Their album is currently on industry release, meaning it is not available on public sites such as iTunes or Amazon until its public release, sometime next month. However, the album can currently be found on a SoundCloud playlist put together by Gothic Storm.
Having just publicly released their new album “Dragons and Kings,” the British Hollywood trailer moguls have shown their musical prowess as they not only release hit soundtrack albums and singles, but also delve into hybrid orchestral rock.
Hybrid music, much as the name suggests, is the combination of two or more themed musical styles.
This album combines the best traits of dramatic soundtrack music with rock to create a dark hybrid album constituting approximately 45 minutes of choral, orchestral and electric instrumentation, featuring the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, among other exemplary groups.
From the first track of the piece, entitled “From the Ashes,” the album establishes a firm footing into the rising epic music genre, full of thematic motion that never ceases to build tension across the whole album. Track after track never fails to appeal to the listener for motivation, intrigue or focus.
For those who like music with both a strong base and melodic line, “Metal Gods” is an excellent step into the realm of the dark epic music genre.
For those who are already into the epic music genre and know the power of the human voice, the album also includes powerful tracks both with and without choir, such as “Wings of Keres,” to create entirely different effects on the listener.
The music of Gothic Storm has been featured in recent films such as “Insurgent,” “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

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Review: Movie soundtracks gain new edge