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How to have an opinion and change it too

How to have an opinion and change it too

Stuart Lombard May 4, 2021

Anyone can have an opinion on a matter, but no one is obliged to care. This is the axiom under which I operate when writing opinions. It might sound debilitating. But writing an opinion piece is about...

It’s all infrastructure

Stuart Lombard April 28, 2021

Investing in the country’s infrastructure is one of the few things in American politics that both parties agree should be done. During the Trump presidency, even amid the tensest moments, Democrats and...

All work has value

Stuart Lombard April 16, 2021

If there is one thing that the pandemic has made clear, it is that all work has value. At the same time as restaurant and healthcare workers were declared to be essential, women were also moving into a...

Cancel culture has to stop

Stuart Lombard April 16, 2021

Cancel culture has gone too far. We need to learn to forgive and allow growth to occur. We also need to permit points of view that we do not agree with to be acknowledged. People will never be perfect,...

Meritocracy in the education system turned toxic

Stuart Lombard April 15, 2021

Meritocracy is the word that encapsulates the idea that if we work hard, we will succeed. It is the idea that, for good or for worse, we deserve what we get. But meritocracy is not operating as intended....

For all the people

Stuart Lombard March 31, 2021

The Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 made it illegal to deny the right to vote based on race. It was passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat. The VRA was then expanded in 1983 by conservative...

Your nose isn’t that attractive

Stuart Lombard March 17, 2021

I saw him walking through the dining hall, mask hanging lazily under his nose. Just another guy seemingly unable to wear a mask properly. Then, he reached up, and my spirits soared hopefully. Ah, it just...

In reflection: Every President deserves a chance

Stuart Lombard November 2, 2020

Four years ago, the 2016 election was nearly over. It was a different time. I was in Annapolis at the time studying at St John’s College. My friends and I gathered in the Conversation Room on election...

Build a better debate

Build a better debate

Stuart Lombard October 21, 2020

Graphic by Tran Bui. On Oct. 8  the vice presidential debate was much more civil than the previous week's presidential debate, but no more illuminating. It left me with more questions than answers, and...

We lost the debate

Stuart Lombard October 14, 2020

In the aftermath of the presidential debate on Tuesday, Sept. 29, punsters and pollsters evaluated who won the debate. Let me be clear: no one won that ‘debate’. We all lost it. We lost the debate...

The Hybrid Hellscape

The Hybrid Hellscape

Stuart Lombard September 11, 2020

Starting the new school year, I thought that I was right to expect to know where my classes were and when – Old Main at 10:10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for example. Not this year. The flexibility that...

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