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Easy views, extra harassment: Streaming as a female

Emmeline Kenealy November 26, 2022

Trigger warning: rape and sexual harassment Gender differences on streaming platforms have been the subject of prominent discussion among the entertainment community. They exist within every form of...

Supreme Court threats to affirmative action endanger campus diversity and opportunity

Chloe Baxter November 12, 2022

Colleges across the United States have been free to use affirmative action in admission decisions to contribute to campus diversity, but recent Supreme Court arguments jeopardize this.  Brittanica...

Installation of all gender bathrooms paves the way to a more inclusive Augustana

Caitlin Campbell November 9, 2022

On Monday Oct. 31, Augustana College announced via the Student Bulletin that several bathrooms around campus have began the process of becoming gender neutral. The new gender neutral bathrooms are located...

Banned books: Reading between the lines

Banned books: Reading between the lines

Kayla Palliser and Lexi Woodcock October 21, 2022

On Oct. 12, students who couldn’t get a seat crowded on the floor to hear Kyle King and Chloe Baxter present “The Dilemma of Banned Books” for Symposium Day.  King and Baxter addressed the legal...

Windows of opportunity: Housing on college campuses

Windows of opportunity: Housing on college campuses

Delaney Farwell and María Fernanda Rubí April 9, 2022

As the academic year comes to an end, students’ to-do lists continue to grow. Finding roommates, comparing housing options and for some, applying to special programs or activities can pile up on top...

Stalls being set up during the International Womens Day event at Gavle rooms on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

Augustana creates goal to #BreaktheBias

Zain Shrestha March 16, 2022

Augustana hosted its first ever International Women’s Day fair on Tuesday, March 8th at the Gerber Center.  The fair was advertised as a way to celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion. There were...

A perspective on feminism

Sarah Kayali March 21, 2019

March is international women’s month. I’ll be celebrating as a Muslim girl, whose misconceptions don’t define me. Contrary to the misconceptions, the Hijab wasn’t forced on me but it was my - own...

Stop buying gendered products

March 30, 2017

Gendered products don’t come up in daily conversation for a reason; society has normalized the manufacturing and selling of these products. Gendered products, loosely defined, are products that reinforce...

I am not a nuclear weapon

September 29, 2016

What’s great about identity is that even when people have things in common, they’re still very unique in their own way. For example, look at the differences between myself and my fellow junior, Audrey...

Media must make transition with transgender language

April 30, 2015

Bruce Jenner finally revealed the fact that he is transitioning into womanhood during a 20/20 interview on Friday night, and, as Jenner braved talking openly about his situation, there have been a wide...

Linnea Ritchie
Junior SGA presidential candidate David Sommers discusses his platforms during the SGA presidential debate Monday.

New SGA leadership must keep promises

April 16, 2015

Election results for the 2015-2016 Student Government Association were announced on April 9, naming David Sommers and Jackie Jastrzebski as the next SGA president and vice president. The Observer endorsed...

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