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Study abroad canceled due to COVID-19

Carly Davis March 12, 2020

International & Off-Campus Programming canceled spring semester trips to China, South Korea and Japan on March 4. The decision was made by students registered for the trip, the registrar’s office...

President for life: Donald Trump

Alex McLean March 15, 2018

In October of 2017, Chinese president Xi Jinping, created a new political ideology, which included removing presidential term limits. Effectively making President Xi Jinping; president for life. Following...

Augustana Celebrates Second Annual Mid-Autumn Festival

Thea Gonzales September 23, 2016

Augustana celebrated its second annual Mid-Autumn Festival in the quad on Thursday. All students were welcome to celebrate the festival with dances, presentations, and traditional festival food. The event...

Global Affect hosts climate change demonstration

December 8, 2015

Students show support for climate change awareness one shoe at a time. Global Affect, an organization that focuses on environmental preservation, is coordinating a demonstration on Thursday at 10:30 a.m....

Gender gap big problem in sports

February 12, 2015

Whether or not Los Angeles Clippers player Chris Paul was insulting the gender of female referee Lauren Holtkamp on Feb. 5 is debatable. What is not debatable is the blatant sexism occurring in American...

No easy solution for Syria

September 9, 2013

The current conflict in Syria has a complicated history. The bare bones of it comes down to the Syrian people wishing to have more freedoms and liberties while the current president, Bashar Al-Assad, is...

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