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OBScast – The Augustana Observer Podcast – Music and WAUG with Nathan Wylie – Vol 2 Ep 2

Chris Ray November 9, 2021

We sit down with WAUG member Nathan Wylie and discuss campus radio and his involvement in band. We also discuss the importance of music and it being a lifelong outlet. You can go to to access their...

Alternating Currents festival electrifies Quad Cities arts scene

Alternating Currents festival electrifies Quad Cities arts scene

Collin Schopp August 27, 2018

This past weekend, Downtown Davenport was the hub for an alive and thriving cultural arts scene in the Quad Cities. The second annual Alternating Currents festival occupied a majority of the downtown area,...

Arts-Based Greek Groups

Arts-Based Greek Groups

March 25, 2017

Along with it's many locally based social Greek Groups, Augustana is home to three national arts-focused Greek Groups (or honors societies).  With their focus in music and theatre, Phi Mu Alpha (PMA),...

Pop the Augie Bubble: parks

September 16, 2016

Vander Veer Botanical Park - Davenport, IA Spanning 33-acres, Vander Veer Botanical Park is embroidered with collections of trees, stone fountains, and gardens, all unique in their annual or perennial...

New Theater Space

September 15, 2016

Amongst the many renovations to Augustana’s campus, one of the most drastic is the brand new theater space. Brunner Theater recently opened, replacing Potter Theater completely. Besides being in a new...

Augustana Orchestra Welcomes New Director

September 10, 2016

After the retirement of Dr. Daniel Culver last year, Augustana College will welcome its new orchestra director, Dr. Daniel Chetel. Dr. Chetel completed his undergraduate degree at Harvard University before...

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