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New athlete ally program seeks to create a safe space for queer athletes

Silas Gilklay March 3, 2022

The dominance of masculinity and femininity in sports culture poses serious challenges to athletes who identify as queer. Athletes are pushed to fit into gender norms, often ignoring athletes that identify...

‘Night, Mother: A deeper look into mental health

Payton Willis March 3, 2022

“‘Night, Mother” is an original play written by Marsha Norman that deals with mental health and family relationships. The main characters are Jessie and her mother Thelma, two women at different...

“Black squirrels, deer, and Augie Raccoons, oh my!”

“Black squirrels, deer, and Augie Raccoons, oh my!”

Charlie Roiland and Nuhamin Wube November 20, 2021

Standing on the Slough path, the slight breeze rustles the leaves and causes the ducks to tuck in their heads. Kai Swanson, the assistant to President Bahls and a lover of wildlife, looks out over the...

Augie students performing a shadowcast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Oct. 28.

Alpha Psi Omega beautifully horrifies in shadow cast

Zach Blair November 5, 2021

Last week, on the rainy Thursday night of Oct. 28, Augustana students were exposed to a shadow cast of the crazy, beautiful, insane, unfiltered “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Students were abuzz with...

Departmental organizations adjust to campus culture

Abigail Larson October 21, 2020

As they slip into steady routines, departmental organizations around campus work to draw students into their groups and try even harder to keep them there. With COVID-19 looming overhead, many groups are...

To remake or not to remake?: Students want to see less of their childhood favorites

William Sikich January 29, 2019

f you’re someone who watches a lot of movies, you’re probably aware of the current popularity of film adaptations in Hollywood. As of 2017, about 55 percent of the one hundred top grossing movies in...

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