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A John Deere sign outside the Moline John Deere Cylinder division on April 1.

How will John Deere’s first driverless tractor impact the labor workforce in the Quad Cities?

Chloe Baxter April 9, 2022

John Deere has just announced the release of its first driverless tractor, set to be available for purchase later in 2022. The innovative technology allows farmers to till their fields through their smartphones...

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos speaks on plans to combat the climate crisis

Stuart Lombard November 14, 2019

On Wednesday 6 November, Representative Cheri Bustos addressed a room of young constituents and Augustana students and faculty. She spoke at length about her plans to address the climate crisis in Illinois’s...

Augie Acres Brings Food and Discussion to the Table

Thea Gonzales September 29, 2016

Now on its eighth year as a student and faculty run project on sustainability, Augie Acres aims to continue growing as a garden and being a conversation starter in discussions about the environment and...

Drought impacts all

April 18, 2015

California is currently suffering from a historic four year drought. California governor Jerry Brown commanded that the “State Water Resources Control Board [impose] a 25 percent reduction on the state’s...

Put more thought into 'clean' eating

April 10, 2014

American eating habits are terrible. We have so much food that we are able to eat for the sake of eating, rather than for nutritional purposes. Foods are crammed with chemicals, preservatives, additives...

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