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Students discuss Roe v. Wade overturning

Krystina Slack October 14, 2022

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many people have become very worried about their reproductive futures.  On Oct. 6, Students for Reproductive Rights (SSRF) and the Office of Student Inclusion and...

Inhumane Texas abortion ban exploits the vulnerable

Mia C. Vu October 17, 2021

The Justice Department's attempt to block the Texas abortion ban was supposed to buy Americans and advocates from both sides more time to engage in honest, open-minded debate on the matter. But after the...

Cartoon by Kevin Donovan/Observer Staff

Politicians that use COVID-19 to restrict abortion access limit essential healthcare

Sophia Reid April 29, 2020

As the world tackles COVID-19, we face uncertain futures, a deadly virus, and a pause to life as we all know it. Politicians in eight different states are capitalizing on this time to push restrictive...

Augustanas pro-life club demonstrates in partnership with Illinois Students for Life of America on Monday, April 1. The posters show statistics from Planned Parenthood, gathered from the annual 2017-2018 Planned Parenthood report. Photo by Emily Jacobson.

Pro-Life group advocated for anti-feminist claims

Giselle Barajas April 4, 2019

On Monday, Augustana’s pro-life organization displayed anti-Planned Parenthood messaging and crosses signifying the amount of daily abortions performed in an effort to advocate for defunding Planned...

Students gather to look at the pink crosses in the pro-life clubs display on Monday, April 1. Each of the 911 crosses signifies an abortion performed at Planned Parenthood each day. Photo by Emily Jacobson.

Pro-Life group demonstrates on quad

Thea Gonzales April 1, 2019

Representatives from Augustana's pro-life group stood in the quad and passed out cards to students on Monday, April 1. With a display of pink crosses signifying the 911 abortions done everyday at Planned...

Striving to destigmatize abortion through Zines

Katherine Hogan March 12, 2019

The night of Thursday, Mar. 7, Augustana College hosted a Zine making workshop in Centennial Hall.  A Zine is a self-published collection of text and/or images, usually photocopied or otherwise printed...

Student volunteers who organized a petition on campus on Dec. 9 in the Brew. 1,023 signatures were collected from students, faculty, and staff. This is the second demonstration concerning racial issues on Augustana’s campus. The group hopes to gain more action from administrators concerning the proposal that was presented last year.
Photo by LuAnna Gerdemann.

Issues Through Our Eyes: 2015

December 31, 2015

This year, the Observer decided to look back on 2015 by addressing national issues that made their way to campus, with an emphasis on those that made an impact on the student body or were taken up by students...

Terrorism, police brutality linked through violent extremism

December 14, 2015

Nearly every day this year, reports of extreme violence flood the public consciousness. In just the last few months, there have been terrorist attacks in dozens of places globally by both “Christian”...

Discussion, facts over propaganda

April 16, 2015

On April 13, walking across campus, for many, was a disconcerting experience. With the Right to Life campaign for Life Week present on the Lower Quad and in the Brew, the discomfort with the displays was...

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