Students win big bucks at Augie bingo

Katherine Hogan

Augie students take bingo seriously and on Dec. 2nd double the usual money was given away—a total of $1,000 going towards prize money.

This bingo night also had a Beach Party theme, with Augustana students creating their own “Mannequin Challenge.” With the amount of people that normally attend  bingo, that was quite a feat.

Jenna Lawrence, an Augustana junior, says that she “went to Bingo because it’s always a ton of fun – it’s an awesome activity that is unique to Augustana”.  Lawrence attended bingo with her friends/roomates and claims that she “goes to Bingo pretty much every time they have it”.

Lawrence said that she always had high hopes of winning whenever she went to bingo, and while she didn’t really expect to win there is always the chance when it comes to bingo.

“I actually didn’t realize I won right away. Someone had shouted bingo so I stopped filling out my sheet when they walked up,” said Lawrence when describing the moment she won. “But someone at my table actually realized I won too when they looked at my bingo sheet.”

Lawrence got to walk away with $40 dollars since the prize was split between the multiple winners.  She reported that all of her prize money had already been spent on Chick-Fil-A because she loves it and eats there all of the time. Also, Lawrence says that she loved winning a pineapple almost more than the money because it was so hilarious.

Sarah Grudnowski, an Augustana junior, won the jackpot Bingo of $200 and said that she is “using the money for groceries and some of it for Christmas gifts”.

Grudnowski always has a lot of fun at Bingo and primarily went this time because her roommate had a friend in town and they “wanted to show him how big Bingo is at Augie” who “was really impressed with how long the line was”.

Grudnowski claims that she felt that someone at her table would win since some of her friends had been so close to winning other rounds.

“When I won, friendswere joking around that I’d be buying groceries with the money,” said Grudnowski.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what she ended up doing. Grudnowski’s brother even had so much fun that he wanted to come back and visit Augie on another bingo night.

Whether it’s being a responsible or spending it on whatever, students are always thrilled to win at Augustana’s famous Bingo nights.