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New pop culture contest arrives at Augustana

Buzzing in at 9 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 19, Augustana students will get to prove their pop culture knowledge with the trivia event “Lites, Sites, & Bites” on Sept. 20 in the Multipurpose room of the Center for Student Life.
Combining aspects of television game shows such as “Jeopardy!” and “Family Feud,” including lights and sounds, with DVD pop culture trivia games, students will be able to break into teams and compete against each other through a series of multimedia questions, buzzers and all.
The game will go on for 16 rounds, and the winners of each round will receive a prize. Prizes will include candy and gift cards.
“This trivia type game show involves asking questions including photos of celebrities, word puzzles, song lyrics, TV shows and more,” said Games Committee Co-Chair Jessica Capp.
Based on the popularity of previous trivia and bingo nights, The Office of Student Life and Leadership decided to step it up a notch by going through the company Bass/Schuler Entertainment, who then contacted Game Show Gurus — a company known for providing entertainment to colleges in the Midwest — in order to have the most realistic game show night as possible. Aside from the light display, the noises and the buzzers, there will be an announcer and pedestals that brightly show the teams’ points.
“Trivia is a great thing here, too. We’re trying to incorporate that but with a better light show, more of that Hollywood feel,” said Gaming Committee co-Chair Brendan McBride. “It is very inclusive, it is very interactive, and that is kind of our goal,” said McBride.
Both Capp and McBride cannot wait for “Lites, Sites, and Bites.” McBride is excited to see the setup of the game show, especially with all the flashy lights.
He expects it to be very animated. Capp anticipates the look and sound of Hollywood that this trivia event will bring to Augustana’s campus.
“What I am most excited about is actually going through a company to get ‘Lites, Sites & Bites’ here and having the real game show effect and seeing the students reactions,” Capp said.

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New pop culture contest arrives at Augustana