President Bahls addresses state of college

During a State of the College address today, President Steven Bahls discussed the decline of Liberal Arts colleges in America and his plan to keep Augustana from struggling.
He expects that in five years the number of Liberal Arts colleges will decrease from 140 to 100.
Bahls said that one condolence to this is that the first-year class has the potential to be the second largest class, with about 730 members. The largest was the class of 2014.
The number will be finalized after the federally mandated 10 days, and a report will be available in the next few weeks. He also stated that this was the largest amount of financial aid granted to a class, and almost $50 million was granted to Augustana students overall.
The class is 25 percent multicultural students, the largest percentage to date, and 5 percent of the class is composed of international students.