Augustana needs to reevaluate its campus living rules

Hailey Glasnovich

Augustana College requires all students, First-Years, sophomores, juniors and First-Year transfers to live on-campus until their senior year. 

Seniors do not have the option to live on-campus, but they should be able to decide. Juniors and sophomores should have a greater ability to decide to live off campus as well. 

Augustana needs to provide all students with alternatives to campus living.

Students want a choice in living on or off campus because of their finances and access to transportation. 

Every student’s needs are different and may not be met by on-campus options. 

There are benefits and downsides to both, and the choice of whether or not to live on campus should be the student’s. 

Seniors may choose the option to live off campus and commute from within the Quad City area, which would require students to factor in their finances, and consider roommate number and rent cost. 

While some students will want this opportunity, others might want to stay on campus. 

However, seniors who do not have a personal mode of transportation might want to remain on campus rather than rely on public transportation. 

Living on campus also offers a place for students to go whenever they want throughout the day, rather than having to hang out in public areas or friends’ dorms.

The option to live off-campus should be more easily available to junior and sophomore students. 

Unless a student is a senior, they must appeal for an exemption to live off-campus.

The process of applying and approving an exemption is difficult, and may present an obstacle to students looking to live off-campus. 

As a commuter, I have had to apply for an exemption three times now. 

Each time I applied, I had to argue my case after it was denied. 

It was more feasible for me to live at home rather than on-campus since I did not receive sufficient financial aid to afford any situation otherwise. 

I can only imagine there are other students in the same position as me, wanting an option to live off-campus if they needed to. 

Unfortunately, while these students may want the option to live off-campus, the process of making this choice is difficult.

Any student who can pay tuition and find a way to classes every day should have the option to be off-campus. 

Not only should they be able to make the option, but the process should be easier for students. 

Juniors and sophomores have on-campus living options, but those vary in their comfort level and amenities. 

Despite varying in these factors, Augustana’s on-campus living choices on campus do not usually vary in cost. 

Some junior and sophomore students sacrifice comfort while paying the same as those with all available amenities. 

Differences in campus living at the same cost makes the decision to live on-campus or off-campus all the more critical.

Seniors should also have the choice to live on-campus or off-campus. 

A student’s senior year is stressful enough and having to live off-campus raises concerns about finances and transportation, but if Augustana provided seniors the option to stay this would not be an issue.

Augustana should provide its sophomores, juniors and seniors with the choice to live on-campus or off-campus.

These alternatives to the current housing system should be more accessible for students through an easier application and approval process.

Augustana could develop a new system of campus living if it reevaluates its rules for its off-campus living application process.