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Eco is friendly

Hailey Glasnovich May 20, 2023

Sustainable practices minimize the potential risk of hurting the environment and the world of future generations. These actions can include eating healthier foods, reducing waste, and prioritizing recycling....

Sharing is not always caring

Hailey Glasnovich May 13, 2023

At Augustana, students can live in a single dorm by choice or accommodation. Regardless of the reason, students must pay more for these rooms financially and socially, as single rooms are more expensive...

Augustana’s summer school is not cool

Augustana’s summer school is not cool

Hailey Glasnovich May 6, 2023

Correction: In the story, the author states the course catalog for the summer 2023 semester is not available. However, according to the school, the summer course catalog has been available for several...

Consistent grades are happy grades

Consistent grades are happy grades

Hailey Glasnovich April 29, 2023

Augustana College uses the 4.0-grade scale, which lacks the consistency of an A-F letter system from professor to professor. Because plus or minus grades are weighted differently than simple letter grades,...

College visits put up a facade

Hailey Glasnovich April 15, 2023

Campus visits provide an excellent opportunity to promote the college, such as small class sizes, great food and campus resources. However, these so-called promotions are not the reality of the campus...

Augustana needs to reevaluate its campus living rules

Hailey Glasnovich March 25, 2023

Augustana College requires all students, First-Years, sophomores, juniors and First-Year transfers to live on-campus until their senior year.  Seniors do not have the option to live on-campus, but...

Studying abroad is a great opportunity but at an impractical cost

Hailey Glasnovich March 18, 2023

Augustana is known for providing hands-on experiences for students and is unique in the opportunities it provides, including study abroad, internships and research projects. While Augustana provides many...

College activism puts too much pressure on students to make a difference

Hailey Glasnovich March 11, 2023

In the social media world, where anybody can find and promote just about anything on a smartphone at the click of a button, a focus on activism puts pressure on college students. Young voices, like Greta...

Is Augie Greek life over-emphasized among students?

Hailey Glasnovich March 4, 2023

Augustana College’s Greek life is unique because there are few national Greek chapters. Big-name universities have a more selective format for nationalized sororities and fraternities because they host...

YikYak and TikTok: Banning apps leads students to fight back

Hailey Glasnovich February 25, 2023

For those who do not know, YikYak is banned from use on Augustana’s campus Wi-Fi. This app allows users to post anything about anyone anonymously, resulting in cyberbullying. TikTok, another social media...

Extrav at Augie: An Extra Excuse for Partying

Extrav at Augie: An Extra Excuse for Partying

Hailey Glasnovich December 10, 2022

Christmas Extravaganza at Augustana is one of the biggest party events for the entire campus. It could be considered an unofficial Augie “tradition,” but that does not make it a good one. Extrav...

Heating at Augustana: A constant battle

Heating at Augustana: A constant battle

Hailey Glasnovich November 26, 2022

Walking into nearly any building on Augustana’s campus, a student never really knows what to expect, temperature-wise. It can feel like one is still outside in freezing temperatures or in the Sahara...

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