Attendance should not be taken too seriously. Should there be the same rules for attendance in Augustana?

Najiah Osborne

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, and I accept the notion that success is subjective and is defined by our own failures. 

Grades validate your progress in the courses you select. Success is dependent on the student, their goals and their accomplishments. 

Most students strive to get good grades as we’ve been taught that having good grades equates to success. 

At Augustana, every professor has their own methods of grading students’ progress: typically grading through participation, quizzes and exams, to name a few. It is also important for students to attend their classes. Your attendance in class will most likely determine your success at Augie.

First-year Divine Johnson believes that the attendance policies his professors have are fair. 

“In my communications class (COMM 220), you can miss up to three classes without penalty, however, if you miss a class on the day we have a quiz, you are not allowed to make it up later,” Johnson said. 

In some cases, unexcused absences are considered an insult to professors. If you miss a class and forget to let your professor know, it’s most likely going to be reflected in your grade. In this case, it’s important to protest. It isn’t fair that some professors have attendance policies while others do not. 

Nobody wants bad grades, and most people don’t like missing class. Therefore, it’s important for professors to remember that our health comes first. Students are human, and bad days are bound to happen. We should not be penalized for missing class because some of us genuinely want to be there. 

If we want to continue to cultivate safe spaces for students in classrooms, excusing absences will put less stress on students. While it’s crucial to be attentive to your professor and their rules, every professor has different expectations. 

It’s frustrating trying to remember which professor has policies in place and which professors do not. Defining attendance in class shouldn’t be complex. Every professor should have the same policies, as it comes to be less stressful for the student. 

I believe that grading students on their attendance is important and should be implemented as an Augie rule. If we aren’t there, it’s most likely for a good reason. Most absences should be considered excused. 

Attending class is important in college. Being absent from class, you miss out on crucial information about your major and may miss important quizzes that need to be taken to pass the course.

“Missing class is going to affect your grade. The professor is not going to dedicate an entire class to one student that isn’t fair to the students that show up.” Johnson says. 

Being present in the classes you select will assist you in the career field that you’re striving to be a part of. You are rewarded with knowledge, and when you pass a class, you are closer to earning your degree. 

Attempt to show up for class, be attentive in communicating with your professors, and you will be successful in college.