The impact of politics on the world and our campus community

Najiah Osborne

Politically, America defines itself to be a capitalist society. Americans rely on socioeconomic status for power, and the division in Congress has been taxing citizens in need. Citizens have been dealing with the corruption of the government for centuries. Corruption exists economically, as there are many individuals living in poverty. 

Political inflation makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. Through news, we learn about inequity. Through politics, we learn about government. What has the government done to prevent inequity? 

Inequity is common in the United States. Police brutality is one of the many political issues that has directly impacted those of color and those who live in poverty. There is a communication gap between citizens and the police, and unfortunately, the federal government does not have the power over local or state police. 

According to the federal Constitution’s 10th amendment, authority is held by the states to constitute authority, especially over the state and local police. 

In America, all laws begin as bills. The constitution of laws undergoes the process of voting. We elect officials to protect our rights, and depending on who we elect through voting, bills that go to the House of Representatives and the Senate may not be approved as new laws. Change is what this country needs, and voting needs to be done for societal growth to occur. 

However, there are several reasons why people choose not to vote. People find voting to be a waste of time and energy, especially if their voices aren’t heard.

At Augustana, students are able to hold their own opinions and celebrate politics. There are political-based clubs such as the politics club, which has created space for students to be heard. Studying politics in college assists students in learning about government. Knowing your rights and freedoms is essential to living. 

Anyone should be able to think and speak freely as they are protected under the first amendment. Politics has changed the world we live in, and it affects how we interact with one another. Not every Republican or Democrat thinks the same, yet there is no way around the division that exists politically. 

We learn this through former president Donald Trump’s relations with the senate. 

“Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina was careful to not take sides when asked about the ongoing feud between Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell,” (CNN 2022). 

The political focus in this country is the problem. Political leaders should focus on establishing resources for those who are in need. Instead, the focus lies in rivalry and fighting other nations. We should be committed to coming together. Regardless of the party in which you are part, your contributions make a difference.