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The impact of politics on the world and our campus community

Najiah Osborne March 5, 2022

Politically, America defines itself to be a capitalist society. Americans rely on socioeconomic status for power, and the division in Congress has been taxing citizens in need. Citizens have been dealing...

Opinion: Fighting for the bare minimum

Celeaciya Olvera December 8, 2020

For hundreds of years men have had the luxury of dominating women with their voice. Women were looked at as “the weaker sex” in the 19th century, according to the article “The Campaign for women’s...

Vikings create change through registration and education

Vikings create change through registration and education

Molly Sweeney October 2, 2020

Augustana College has organized a campaign called Vikings Vote that will run from Sept. 21 to Oct. 2 with the goal of educating students and encouraging them to vote.  Ashley Allen, interim director of...

By Annie Wheeler

Young voters can have a voice

Paige Sheppard March 12, 2020

Young people (ages 18-29) have historically been the most underrepresented age demographic in every election for decades, yet we are the ones who have to live with the consequences of our politics for...

Overcoming voting barriers for the primaries

Aubrey Lathrop March 5, 2020

With the Illinois primary election coming up on March 17, various organizations at Augustana hosted voter registration events. Despite these efforts, many students are still intimidated by the voting process...

Democrats need a new system for the voting process

Democrats need a new system for the voting process

Stuart Lombard February 20, 2020

While Iowa Democrats are still trying to clean up their mess from the Iowa caucus discrepancies, New Hampshire proved that they could set the tone of the race for the Democratic nomination. In New Hampshire,...

SGA senator elections to begin next week

Olivia Doak April 17, 2019

Elections for the senate that will initiate those changes for next year will be held on Tuesday, April 22 and Wednesday, April 23. Sophomore and international senator Nadia Ayensah said that students’...

Use your voice: why civic engagement matters

Brady Johnson March 15, 2018

A line of people grab their ballots and spend some time filling in bubbles, clicking on screens then inserting or submitting them into a machine that will count the vote. Someone approaches people and...

Illinois Passes New Voter Law

September 7, 2017

Illinois citizens will now be automatically registered to vote thanks to a new law sponsored by Democratic state Sen. Andy Manar and passed by Governor Bruce Rauner. When a citizen becomes eligible to...

It's time to end the electoral college

December 1, 2016

It’s time to get rid of the electoral college. To those wondering, this not just reaction to the presidential results. Regardless of the two million vote difference for Clinton over Trump, the removing...

Vote, if only for your right to complain

October 22, 2016

Over the past few months, I've learned how to ignore the litany of election-related Facebook posts that overwhelm my newsfeed: stay off Facebook. That, I have found, is the only way. But every once in...

Our First Vote

October 21, 2016

 2016 has been an interesting year to say the least. Terrifying clowns roaming around, losing loved icons, and to top it off, the election. With all of these weird things happening, take a moment and...

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