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December 9, 2023

Review: Augustana graduates share stories of Midwest life

“The Stories We Tell” is an anthology of different literature pieces all originating from the Quad Cities area. For those who are studying History, English, or whose roots reside in the Quad Cities, may find this book to be quite interesting, as it is another source that shatters the myth of the Midwest being boring.
It is a bit of a challenge to accurately summarize the writing style throughout the book since it was put together by ten authors in total, all being Augustana seniors studying English at the time. However, it is a way to show how well the English department trains their students.
Their style of writing in general is clear, coherent and concise. In some cases, they even add in their own personal experiences, making it more enjoyable to connect with.
One of the most outstanding chapters opens with how a favorite childhood game, Cowboys and Indians, has a deeper and twisted meaning than originally perceived. That chapter, written by Tyler Spellious later goes on to explain the stereotypes we as a society have placed on Cowboys and Indians.  I did not feel like I was reading a text book by any point throughout the text.
“The Stories We Tell” also manages to not just talk about the history and literature of the Quad Cities, but also finds connections to a variety of subjects such as journalism, wars, women’s rights and pop culture. This also is another way that captures the reader’s attention and allows him or her to make connections with the subject.
The book also outlined some of the history of the Quad-Cities. The authors not only deliver facts that back their claims, but they do their best to include the context of what they’re covering.
It helps the reader gain a bigger picture of what is happening, and why what they’re focusing on is important. Each essay is followed up by the work of the writer covered in that portion of the book for convenience.
“The Stories We Tell” may not be interesting for everyone, but students who are looking for a collection of primary and secondary sources revolving around the history of the Quad Cities will have found a valuable source of information.

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Review: Augustana graduates share stories of Midwest life