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AugiEquality Open Mic Night

AugiEquality has teamed up with the music department to host an Open Mic Night centered on the social awareness of feminism and gender inequality.
Students and faculty members will perform at the event on April 25, in the Brew at 7 p.m. This is AugiEquality’s first official event, according to council member Ginny Aumann.
“We want to have more events, and this is our first attempt,” Aumann said. “Our meetings are open to the whole campus. We want things that will bring a bigger draw, so everyone can get their own ideas and embrace intersectionality. This brings all sections together and as many opinions as possible.”
Aumann said AugiEquality chose to collaborate with the music department to attract a wider audience.
However, it has changed the structure of the event, according to AugiEquality member Hanna Anderson.
“We have to have it planned out,” Anderson said. “It was going to be a real open mic night. But we sent out emails that had a form asking people to perform instead. I think once we decided to partner with the music department it had to be more structured.”
Anderson said the structure of the event is tentative and includes a variety of performances.
“We are going to take you on an emotional roller coaster,” Anderson said. “It will start out light-hearted with music department voices. Our acts are a lot of spoken word. They range, some more inspirational. A good chunk are ones that are deeper and have more emotional impact.”
The night will include student acts such as readings by Keila Saucedo and Carolyn Muller and The Monkey Wrench Gang performing Beyonce’s “Flawless.” Other students will read original pieces and show artwork.
Anderson said she will be reading two original works of her own.
“One is about addiction and self-harm, and the other sexual assault,” Anderson said. “I’m performing these pieces because they are really important to me. Both are really close to my heart. And they fit in well with the feminism theme.”
Editorial Director in the Office of Communications and Marketing, Beth Roberts will also be performing original work at the event. She said events like this are important to achieve gender equality.
“It’s a great idea, because obviously we are still struggling with equality,” Roberts said. “For example, just last week I heard a report that it took American women on average all of 2013 until early April 2014 to make the same amount of pay as what American men made in the year of 2013. So there’s still progress to be made, and events such as this one create the necessary awareness that leads to progress.”
Aumann said feminism affects everyone regardless of their opinion on gender equality.
“All are welcome,” Aumann said, “Whether they think they’re a feminist or not because it’s a very open term. We also want it to be a very safe space, non-judgmental and accepting of everything that (the performers) want to say. Be kind. Be friendly.”
AugiEquality meets on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in Tredway House. The group looks to host more events in the future. One event in the works is a performance by a popular YouTuber, Laci Green, who will come to campus next fall to advocate against gender inequality and rape culture.

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AugiEquality Open Mic Night